Gladstone, MO Economic Development

The City of Gladstone is a third class City incorporated 1952. Gladstone is the largest city in population in Clay County and covers a nine square mile area and lies North of the river within the Kansas City, Missouri, Metroplex area.

Gladstone is an excellent community in which to locate your business should you be considering a move. A large, qualified pool of local employees, no traffic jams or parking inconveniences, no city earnings tax and easy access to the metropolitan Kansas City area are four excellent reasons to consider Gladstone for your business.

Form of Government
In 1961, the City of Gladstone initiated a Council/Manager form of government. There are five council members serving three-year staggered terms and the Mayor is chosen from within the Council.

Population and Income
The population of Gladstone is over 27,000 individuals with an average household income of $42,000. The majority of Gladstone's citizens (32.9%) are in the 25-44 year age range, followed by those under the age of 18 (22.3%). Those 55 and over represent 11.4% of the City's population.

The unemployment rate is consistent with the overall United States at below 4%. The top five employers in Gladstone are HyVee Food & Drug Store (325+), Gladstone Wal-Mart (300+), Woodbine Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center (250+), the City of Gladstone (150+), and Gladstone Home Depot (145+).

There are over 11,000 households in the City of Gladstone with an average of 2.46 persons per household. The median price for housing is $78,000. Housing includes apartments, townhouses, and single-family dwellings - even executive estates. City services are superior, educational facilities are AAA-rated, and shopping is close and convenient. Gladstone residents are only minutes away from most of Kansas City's cultural and recreational offerings, including art festivals, the symphony, the ballet, the theatre, jazz, professional sports and historical sites.

Personal property tax is $.60 per $100 value, as assessed by the Clay County Assessor's office, and is the lowest in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Sales tax is 7.225% (Total sales tax - 4.225%-city, 3%-state, 1%-county).

Public Safety
The City of Gladstone has over 60 commissioned officers, an emergency medical team, and fire department including an aerial tower. A source of great community pride has been an Advanced Life Support Ambulance available at no direct cost to residents. The only cost associated with this service is that which is covered by the insurance of the resident, if the resident has insurance. If the resident does not have insurance, the service is provided at no cost. Ambulance response time is an average of three minutes. The ambulance is staffed by two fully licensed paramedics. The ambulance and its personnel have been provided with state-of-the-art equipment and maximum training certification requirements. Public safety department programs include: Neighborhood Watch Program, Aggressive Public Relations Program, Drug Awareness and Education Program, Positive Youth Programs, Aggressive Crackdown on Drug Users/Distributors, All Public Safety Officers are State Certified as Fire Fighter I, Internships for Criminal Justice Majors, Ride-Along Programs, and Explorer Posts.

There is an active parks and recreation system in Gladstone which includes 12 public parks and playgrounds, a swimming pool, tennis courts, softball fields, soccer fields, basketball courts, picnic shelters, and community center. Community special events such as Gladfest, the July 4th Celebration at Oak Grove Park, and Gladstone Theatre in the Park round out the recreational fare of Gladstone residents.

North Kansas City School District #74, a AAA-rated district, provides excellent education for K-12. Maple Woods Community College offers numerous Associate degrees which are transferable to most four-year colleges. The surrounding Kansas City area provides several four year and graduate programs and institutions.

The City of Gladstone is easily accessible from U.S. Highway 169, North Oak Trafficway, and Antioch Road/M-1 Highway, and is surrounded by Kansas City, North. The traffic counts for Gladstone's two primary commercial corridors are North Oak Trafficway, 23,980 per day average and Antioch/M-1, 33,810 per day average. Gladstone is only 11 miles east of Kansas City International Airport.

Commercial Services
Financial institutions include four banks with $332,252,250 in assets; four Savings and Loans branch offices.
Communications include Southwestern Bell telephone service, a daily newspaper, four weekly newspapers, 13 AM radio stations, 19 FM radio stations, 7/32 TV channels received (cable TV serves the city), and post office.
Industrial within 30 miles includes 127 machine shops, 35 tool & die services, and 104 electric motor repair services.
Commercial facilities include 8 shopping centers, 1 public library, and 135 churches.
Labor Force for Clay County includes 84,977 civilian labor for with 81,188 employment and 3,789 unemployed. Mfg. Ave. Wage = $11.09/hr. Non-Mfg. Avg. Wage = $10.76/hr.
Water services are provides to residents and businesses by the City of Gladstone. The City has a total water storage capacity of 6,300,000 gallons. Water lines are available throughout the City and are a part of a looped system which provides assurance that an uninterrupted supply of water will be available. Source: The City uses five wells to pump water to the treatment plant. Capacity of Water Plant: 8,000,000 gallons per day. Average Consumption: 2,000,000 gallons per day. Peak Consumption: 6,000,000 gallons per day.
Trash collection. The City allows residents and businesses to choose their own trash hauler. Currently, Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI) handles about 96% of residential and business trash pickup. Deffenbaugh Company is also available to pick up trash in Gladstone. A voluntary recycling program is available for Gladstone residents, and the City is undertaking additional programs in an effort to keep hauling fees to a minimum.
Street Maintenance and Snow Removal is funded with a $3 million street improvement program approved by the voters. Additional funding for City streets comes from the Gladstone Special Rod District No. 3 which is comprised of the area within the corporate limits of Gladstone and a small area outside of the City as required by law. In the winter, snow and ice removal is managed by the City's Community Services Department.
Telecommunications services available to a telemarketing firm located here include: DID with DTMF, T-1, 56K, and Extended Superframe. With more than 1,500 miles of fiber optic strands (50 miles of sheath cable) buried throughout Clay County and ample capacity at the Gladstone Central Offices, including remote switching modules (such as SLC 96), Gladstone offers an ideal location for businesses that depend on a quality telecommunication network. AT&T has a point of presence located in the KC metro are that serves Gladstone. Point of presence has a 4ESS digital switch with ISDN capability. Two central offices serve the Gladstone Community. Local service from Gladstone includes free calling to anywhere in the KC metroplex.